Below please find the Research profile of the Institute of Structural Mechanics.

Research of the Institute of Structural Mechanics

Academic activities

  • Modeling and analysis in the field of structural and composite mechanics
  • Recognition and comprehension of special compite effects as e.g. the free-edge effect, free-corner effect, coupling effects
  • Applied structural optimization of lightweight structures
  • Micro- and Macromechanics of cellular continua and in particular the analysis of metal foam structures
  • Implementation of kinematic coupling equations in the scaled boundary finite-element method (SBFEM) and development of an in-house SBFEM code
  • Application of the boundary finite element method on laminate structures
  • Application of the method of complex potentials on plane problems of elasticity
  • Structural analysis and fracture mechanics of SOFC fuel cell stacks
  • Structural mechanics of the modern ski
  • Analysis of bolted composite joints