Institute of Structural Mechanics

Welcome at the Institute of Structural Mechanics (FSM)

Simulation of crack propagation
Simulation of crack propagation

The Institute of Structural Mechanics (FSM) as part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has its key competence in modeling, analysis and strength prediction of engineering structures. The main research activities are focused on the development of the required mathematical methods and tools together with the efficient and robust implementation in appropriate software systems.

Research with us:

Since most engineering products are basically mechanical structures the research of the Institute of Structural Mechanics shows a high application-relevance from the classical metallic machine element to the high performance composite lightweight structure.

With the focus on method- and comprehension-oriented research and lectures the FSM fosters a solid understanding of structural mechanical behaviour which can be applied across many different application areas.

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Learn with us:

  • basic lecture “Engineering Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Elastic Solids and Structures I and II” which additionally contains the Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • Structural Integrity and Fracture Mechanics” with focus on strength and fracture mechanics

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